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Assess the origin, characteristics, involved parties and intended use of products to ensure compliance.

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Collect information about your customers and compile their risk profiles to mitigate your risks.

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Find about the application of regulations and laws, national and international sanctions regimes.


Watch our free introductory sanctions compliance training. Sanctions control and sanctions risks explained by expert Inga Mukane, Compliance Consultant, CAMS, CGSS, ICA.

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Our users say

"We buy construction materials in third countries. Therefore, we regularly have to make sure that our partners are not on sanctions lists. The sanctions screening works accurately and fast."

Oskars Mūrnieks
Director, Ozols-OM

"We use customer surveys and risk assessments. Everything is so simple – we enter our customer data and the platform performs all checks automatically. It saves us a lot of time every day."

Kristīne Šavšajeva
Board Member, Compart.LV

"Our company operates in the logistics. We screen related persons and use the sanctions monitoring for our permanent partners. We are informed immediately when matches are found."

Svetlana Levitska
Project Manager, Prima PRO


The platform includes all the necessary tools so that everyone can successfully implement sanctions screening and sanctions monitoring on a daily basis, check their customers and business partners on sanctions lists, conduct customer due diligence and make sure that there are no sanctions risks.

Daily monitoring

Your customers and business partners are automatically checked against national and international sanctions lists. The screening is performed every day. You are informed of the matches found. At any time you can review these sanctions matches with all the details about the person.

One-time screening

To check counterparties in trades or transactions, you can perform one-time sanctions screening checks and save the results on the platform. Your customers and business partners can be transferred to sanctions daily monitoring as long-term cooperation is established with them.

Risk assessment

You can use the platform's built-in risk assessment mechanism to evaluate the sanctions and customer's risks. It is possible to send interactive surveys to collect data from the customer. Templates of these surveys and risk settings developed by experts are also available.

Learning materials

A wide number of learning materials and video trainings are available in the system. The learning materials are intended both for beginners to start work and to implement good practices in sanctions control, as well as for professionals to review ongoing processes.


Answers to frequently asked questions by our users

In which sanctions lists is platform monitoring?

The platform monitors in national and international sanctions lists, which include the sanctions lists of the European Union, the United Nations (UN), the United States of America (US OFAC), the United Kingdom, the Swiss Confederation, the Australian Union and the Republic of Latvia.

How often is the sanctions monitoring carried out?

Sanctions monitoring is performed every time the user adds a new customer or person, when changes in the customer’s company structure are registered, as well as once a day. The results and details of each screening check performed are stored in the platform and available to user.

How often are the sanctions lists updated?

Sanction lists are updated on the platform automatically in the background every day by loading the current versions of the sanctions lists from official sources. The user can see the versions and update dates of the sanctions lists used in each screening check.

How will I know if the customer or person is sanctioned?

If the platform registers a change in the sanctions status of a customer or person, the result is recorded in the customer's or person's card, a notification is immediately generated in the monitoring section of the platform and an e-mail notification is sent to the platform user.

Can I adjust the search accuracy in sanctions lists?

Yes, users can manage the search accuracy in the sanctions lists to provide a broader or narrower number of search results.

Can I handle false positives?

Yes, users can handle false positives either manually by flagging specific search results or automatically with the respective platform's auto-handling setting for result similarity.

Can I see the sanctions monitoring results history?

Yes, in the customer monitoring section, the user has access to all monitoring notifications, as well as in the card of each customer or person, it is possible to see the historical data of each performed screening check.

Can I see user activity history?

Yes, every user activity on the platform is recorded in an activity log that is available to the user.

Are changes in the structure of companies monitored?

Yes, platform users are provided with company monitoring in several company registers, thereby automatically synchronizing information about the structure and related persons (members of executive institutions, owners and beneficiaries, etc.). For an individual order, it is also possible to provide monitoring in specific company registers or jurisdictions.

Can I screen international customers and partners?

Yes, users can use the platform to screen and monitor customers and persons located anywhere in the world.

Can I conduct customer due diligence and risk assessment?

Yes, users can perform customer due diligence and risk assessment using the platform's built-in risk assessment mechanism. In the platform, it is possible to create a risk assessment process with rules and steps to be taken. Users can also send interactive surveys to collect data from the customer and perform an automated evaluation based on the data submitted.

Are there any templates for risk assessments?

Yes, the platform includes templates for customer surveys and risk assessments developed by certified AML and sanctions control experts.

Can I customize the risk assessment process?

Yes, users can create their own risk assessment process from scratch, or use and configure templates available on the platform.

Can I import the list of my customers?

Yes, user can import customer list from available Excel or CSV templates.

Can I integrate the platform through API?

Yes, it is possible to use the API to create secure and automatic data sync between the platform and the user's systems. In addition, Webhooks settings are available, which allow the platform to automatically send monitoring notifications to external systems.

Can I export screening reports and other data?

Yes, users can export and save all data that is registered on the platform.

Are training materials or user manuals available?

Yes, users have access to a support center with an extensive knowledge base on the functionality offered by the platform, a user manual and video tutorials.

Will I get support if I have any questions?

Yes, in the support center of the platform, after completing the request, all users are provided with support and answers to specific questions.

Can I have multiple users of my organization?

Yes, one organization profile can have multiple users on the platform depending on the total number of purchased users per subscription.

Can I have multiple organizations with one user?

Yes, one user can access multiple organization profiles on the platform.

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